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From the Air: A New Perspective on France with Seaplane Rides

From the Air: A New Perspective on France with Seaplane Rides

Have you ever looked at France from the sky? It is a whole different world, a new perspective on this beautiful country. And what better way to experience it than with seaplane rides?

Why Seaplane Rides?

Seaplane rides offer a unique experience of sightseeing while enabling you to discover France from an entirely different angle. It’s a special way of viewing the history, culture, and natural beauty of France.

The Thrill of Being in a Seaplane

Flying in a seaplane is not just a mode of transportation, but it is also an adventure. The thrill of taking off and landing in water, the sound of the water spray, and the feel of wind in your face make for an exciting and unforgettable experience.

An Unforgettable Experience of Sightseeing

From the sky, you can see the natural beauty of France like never before. The Seine River, the Eiffel Tower, the French Riviera, and the French Alps are just a few of the sights that will take your breath away.

A New Perspective on France

Seaplane rides provide a unique perspective on France, showcasing its diverse terrain, including mountains, valleys, and coastlines. The flight takes you across different regions of France, allowing you to experience the country’s rich history and traditions.

What to Expect on a Seaplane Ride

Pre-flight Safety Briefing

Before take-off, the pilots will brief you on safety regulations and procedures. They will also offer you life jackets and advise you on how to use them in an emergency situation.

Takeoff and Landing

One of the best parts of a seaplane ride is the takeoff and landing. The plane takes off and lands on water, allowing you to experience a smooth and thrilling ride.


Once in the air, you can sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views. The pilots will provide a commentary on the landmarks and natural beauty you will be passing.

Flying Time

Seaplane rides usually last between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the route and tour package. It’s an exciting and unique experience that is well worth it.

Where to Book a Seaplane Ride

Seaplane rides are available in several cities in France, including Paris, Nice, and Marseille. You can book the air tours through different travel agencies or directly with seaplane operators.

Air Tour Package

The air tour packages include the seaplane ride and guided air tours of various destinations in France. You will get to see the natural beauty, culture, and history of France from the sky.

Private Seaplane Ride

If you are looking for an intimate or private experience, a private seaplane ride is also available. It’s an exclusive and customized way of sightseeing France.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I wear on a seaplane ride?

Dress comfortably and practical. Avoid wearing clothes that can be easily damaged, such as shorts or skirts. Also, wear close-toed shoes with good grip for safety.

2. What is the best time of day to book a seaplane ride?

The best time of day to book a seaplane ride is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The light is optimal for sightseeing at this time, and the weather is typically cooler than midday.

3. Can children go on a seaplane ride?

Yes, children can go on a seaplane ride, but they must be accompanied by an adult. Check with the operator before booking requirements.

4. Can I take pictures and videos during the flight?

Yes, most seaplane operators allow passengers to take pictures and videos during the flight. However, check with the operator before the flight.

5. Is it safe to fly in a seaplane?

Yes, seaplanes are subject to high safety standards and regulations. They undergo regular inspections for safety checks before each flight.

6. How much does a seaplane ride cost?

The cost of a seaplane ride usually depends on the duration of the flight and the destination package. On average, expect to pay around €150 to €400 per person.

7. What if the weather is bad?

If the weather is not suitable for a seaplane ride, the operator will reschedule the flight for a later date or refund the ticket.


Seaplane rides offer a unique perspective on France, showcasing the country’s diverse natural beauty, culture, and traditions. Book a seaplane ride and experience the thrill of flying over France, taking in the magnificent views. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won’t regret.



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