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3 Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Using Your Pressure Washer

There are a few cases of people who come to the Karcher service to solve problems associated with their recently acquired pressure washers. In some cases, there are manufacturing errors or difficulties of the operator to use the equipment. However, in a worrisome proportion are equipment that they do find damaged and whose failures are due to omissions of the users, omissions that the manufacturers themselves could be avoided.

Classic errors when using a Pressure Washer

At the moment of entering a team to the technical service, what must be taken into account is that those who will receive the equipment have already seen the same fault several times, they already know how the parts are damaged and will have no doubt of how the hurt. If you observe that damage was due to improper use of the equipment, the warranty may expire and will not cover damage to the washer.

Without a doubt, to avoid complications, and costs, it is best not to make these mistakes that many users go and end up damaging their equipment. There is concern of us as brand distributors, and Karcher itself, to minimize such disadvantages, since it is understood to negatively affect the customer experience. That is why the suggestions that we are going to give you many times are included in brochures that are distributed to customers, or even also, for both physical and telephone sales, the seller comments to the customer the considerations to have, at the time of making the sale.

Underestimate work needs

Who could want to pay multi-thousand dollar costs when there are water coolers worth a little more than a hundred? It is a very valid doubt. Possibly in many cases, the outlet pressure will reach in either case. If the economic model manages to wash a car, then we could use it for vehicle cleaning, possibly set up a car wash business with it?
The answer, obviously, is that that would not work well because each equipment is designed with a specific workload, and beyond that the pressures and the flows do not differ, there are pressure washers that are designed to attend the domestic necessity of a person who Washes a single car on weekends, and on the other hand is the professional user, who needs to wash large vehicles, or several cars, operating the pressure washer for several hours, and also needs to be able to depend on the equipment, without generating costs maintenance.
The main mistake is choosing a machine that is not designed to perform the type of work that is needed, potentially causing the engine to burn. The fact that this failure occurs in isolation is a clear sign of over-obligation, an omission in the choice of the model that has the direct consequence of loss of warranty. To avoid this, we recommend you to analyze each of the Karcher models and find the one that best fits your needs. You can also call us to advise you on which equipment would be most suitable for your intended use.

If this happened to you by chance, we recommend that you go to the technical service and comment on what happened, they will still be able to find out. The engine change is not, in general, an overly complicated arrangement.

Experts at RBE suggests that you should choose a pressure washer that suits your needs. They’ve compiled a great list of electric pressure washers that are great to use and also low maintenance. You can check that list here – https://reviewsbyexpert.com/top-10-best-electric-pressure-washer-2016

Do not release the pressure at the end of work

Karcher pressure washers, like other equipment of other brands, include the so-called “Auto Stop” system. More specifically, the motor is operated only when the maximum pressure has not yet been reached, whereby the motor operates while the user holds the trigger.

This naturally has a direct consequence, the equipment always has pressurized water inside, so that at any time you press the trigger you get highly pressurized water while protecting the equipment from overpressure and overload of the engine.

The problem is that many users do not perform a proper evacuation of the pressurized water contained in the pressure washer, causing high pressure to be retained for extended periods of time, which means that a single use without the necessary depressurising causes damage to the power washer, damages Which, again, are very characteristic and will drop the warranty as well. Imagine acquiring your new washer, use it only once, and after a month notice that it has stopped working, and worse yet, it is not covered by the warranty.

The way of the evacuation of the pressure is very simple. First, you must disconnect the equipment from the power supply. Having cut power and water supply, depress the trigger on the gun until water stops. In this way the water that was already under high pressure will leave the water tank, avoiding damage to the washer.

Poor water supply

In a third place, we include the errors related to the water supply to the power washer. In this category, we include three common problems.

First, it is important to verify that the water supply is sufficient for the operation of the washer. The page corresponding to each one includes the water flow, and it is necessary that the hose to which the pressure washer is connected is capable of delivering higher flow rates than indicated. To determine the flow rate of a water source, simply fill a known volume and measure the time required for that. With a basic rule calculation of three, the amount of liters per minute is reached, a value that is relevant to determine whether it is sufficient or not, and in the second case, evaluate the options to increase the flow rate.

Among the alternatives normally used to increase the volume of water delivered are increasing the diameter of the way to which the pressure washer is connected or the connection to a source of higher pressure.

After verifying the sufficiency in the water supply, the next step is to allow the filling of the pre-cleaner to start it. For this, you must connect the hose to the equipment and allow the water to flow to the high-pressure gun by triggering the trigger. As soon as you notice that water is coming out, you can start the equipment.

Lastly, although it should probably have been the first, there is the use of appropriate water sources. The entry of elements can damage the washer, so it is always recommended to use clean water.


Reading the manual is the best way, of course, to avoid errors or omissions when starting up the equipment. Anyway, we hope that the existing error collection will be of your help and have served to take care of your new Karcher pressure washer.